Yantai Fresh Fuji Apple

Details of fresh fuji apple: Product Name: Fuji Apple Size / Specification: 100-113-125 / 138-150-163-175-198 / 88-100 / 125-138-150-163-175 / 72-80-88-100-125 PCs per carton Origin: Yantai,Shandong or shanxi,  China Features: High sugar content, tender and crisp flesh red color, sweet taste and long shelf life Supplying period: Available during the whole year Packing: Inner packing: Paper tray, apple net, fresh bag or sleeve.                 Outer packing: Carton.                 Middle East Market: 16/17/18kg carton, 100-113-125  PCs per carton; 3kg carton, 23-25-27 PCs per carton.                 Bangladesh / Nepal Market: 20kg carton, 138-150-163-175-198 PCs per carton.                 Indonesia Marke…

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